One of the First Female Execs in Bourbon Teaches Us How to Enjoy a Good Glass

During Women's History Month, Alpha Rising is spending time with the women breaking barriers. Today meet Maker's Mark's Victoria MacRae-Samules. She is the first women to be VP of operations at a bourbon distillery. Listen to her story and her tips for enjoying a good glass of bourbon.
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As part of Alpha Rising's Special Report for Women's History Month, we continue to highlight the women making historic gains in the C-Suite.

And while Victoria MacRae-Samuels' corporate office is unconventional (it's actually a bourbon distillery), she is breaking barriers.

She is the first woman to be the vice president of operations of a bourbon distillery.

MacRae-Samuels majored in chemistry and biology and found herself in the research lab at whiskey maker Jim Beam after college before she was hired by Maker's Mark Chairman Emeritus Bill Samuels, Jr., whose family has been making bourbon for over 200 years.

And 25 years later, she is responsible every aspect of the Maker's Mark Distillery and supervises the entire bourbon production process.

The industry is making a huge effort to get women both in the business and drinking more bourbon.  

Most recently Johnny Walker, owned by AAP Plus Portfolio holding Diageo (DEO) - Get Report ,  introduced Jane Walker, the first-ever female version of the brand's Striding Man logo. Jane will be on a limited-edition bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label during Women's History Month.

So listen in as MacRae-Samuels talks about how to get more women in the business, how to drink a good glass of bourbon and most impressively, how she survived breast cancer survivor.

She's making history all over the place. Listen in to hear her story.

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