Networking Is a Skill and Women Need to Do a Better Job At It

Sheila Ronning, founder of Women in the Boardroom stopped by to talk to us about the importance of networking properly, because we often forget that it's a skill that needs to constantly be honed.
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Sheila Ronning founded Women in the Boardroom back in 2002 to create gender equality in the boardroom and we at #AlphaRising are all for that!

Ronning gets women together, teaches them how to network and helps them perfect their personal "elevator pitch" that explains why they would make a great board member.  I got to go to one of her speed-dating-type events where high-powered women get to explain their qualifications for available board seats.  I was blown away by the credentials of these amazing women.

Listen to the podcast I did with Ronning here.  But check out the video above where she talks about the importance of networking and why so many of us just do it all wrong.

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Editors' pick: Originally published Nov. 9.