Hey Millennials! Fix These Two Things and Retire Rich!

Hey Millennials! Seems you make two big mistakes when preparing for your future. Robert Powell, editor of Retirement Daily, tells us what they are and how to fix them so you can retire rich! Watch!
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Many millennials actually are in much better financial shape than we give them credit for. 

(Can you say Evan Spiegel -- Snap Inc (SNAP) - Get Report Founder or Mark Zuckerberg -- Facebook (FB) - Get Report founder?) 

But many are not.  And according to our very own Robert Powell, Editor of Retirement Daily, its because they often make two basic mistakes.

So watch our video to learn what they are.  And of course how to fix them. 

And here's a big hint: When filling out your 401(k) contribution form, sign up for the auto-escalation option.  That will automatically increase your annual contribution each year.  Odds are good you'll get a pay increase as well so you won't even feel it.  And let's face it, left to our own volition, we don't often increase those things on our own.

But be sure to watch the video above to learn more!

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