How to Pick the Perfect Port Wine for Your Holiday Dinner

Everyone presumes Port is just for dessert, but Port can complement any holiday dinner, from the appetizer cheeses to the turkey to that creme brulee. Here's how to pick the right bottle.
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So many wine lovers presume Port should be saved for after your meal, but you can - and should - drink Port with your entire meal, especially during the holidays. 

Port is a sweet, fortified wine that comes exclusively from the Douro Valley in the northern provinces of Portugal.

It is made from grapes that are indigenous to Portugal. Halfway through its fermentation process, brandy is added, which fortifies the wine, and the alcohol content jumps to about 20%. 

And because of that extra alcohol, Port can last a really long time, up to 50 years in some cases, and actually gets better with age.

And while it's the perfect pairing for cheese or dessert, it actually works great with that meats, turkey and stuffing.

Leslie Sbrocco, wine author/consultant and my travel partner (Sbrocco and I actually went to Portugal to visit the Symington Family Estates to learn firsthand about Port) stopped by to talk to us about why we all should be drinking more Port this holiday season.  

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