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New York Yankees: Ex-Trainer Gene Monahan Says He Knows How to Win

New York Yankees News: It's do-or-die for the hometown team in the ALCS. Can they do it? Ex-Trainer Gene Monahan says he knows what the Yankees must do to win. (Video Interview)

Yankees fans already know this....

But, for those of you who are more interested in Wall Street than sports, here's an update. The New York Yankees head to game 3, against the Houston Astro's. Tonight, it's a must-win scenario. Deep breath. A bit of hopeful news, the Yankees have home-field advantage where they are undefeated in the 2017 post-season.

TheStreet sat down with ex-trainer Gene Monahan. After forty-nine years with the team, he says he is convinced of one thing.

"They [the Yankees] are a wild bunch," Monahan told TheStreet on Tuesday, Sept. 26, at an event for Conair, of which he is a spokesman. "What makes them great is they are a wild bunch of young people."

"I think they are going to do very well," added Monahan, who has seven World Series rings, a testament to the powerhouse that is the Yankees. He was wearing one of the diamond-encrusted rings on Tuesday.

"It's a young team. They have their veterans, which are great," he said.

Monahan also spoke to us about starting his second career with Nascar.

"I loved racing all my life, even as I loved baseball when I was a kid. They [racing reps] came a-calling on my door."

"I go, 'What do you want with me?' They said very, very nicely. 'We'd like you to come and help our kids out.' "

The game will take place at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx and it will be broadcast on FS1 the sports affiliate of Fox News, a subsidiary of 21st Century Fox (FOXA - Get Report) .

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Editors' pick: Originally published Oct. 12.