One of the best parts of getting older is you actually get to drink with your mom. And after years of her dedicating her life to you, the least you can do is take care of her and pour her something that will make her happy. 

So while you're spending time with her this Mother's Day, make it an extra special occasion by getting a wine that matches her personality.

And since our moms have many different personalities (depending on the day in my house) there are plenty of bottles to choose from.

As such, we asked some pros to recommended a bottle to match mom. So whether she is easy-going or completely demanding, we have something for you to pour.

So pick a bottle, and be sure to tell her why you picked it. Learning about new wines and spirits is almost as much fun as drinking them. 

Then relax and laugh about all the dumb things you did as a kid. 

So if Mom is...

Editors' pick: Originally published May 12.