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5 Biggest Dow Drops in History

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell a whopping 1,600 points at one point during trading on Feb. 6, 2018 to close at down 1,175. Wondering when the other biggest point drops occurred? Watch this now!

The Dow Jones Industrial Average had its biggest single-day point drop on Monday afternoon, Feb 5th.  At one point it was down nearly 1,600 points but recovered a bit to close down 1,175.

And while may would presume that some of the other largest point drops in history occurred during Black Monday or the Russian Ruble Crisis, they wouldn't be far off.  The largest percent drop in the market actually was Oct. 19 1987 when it fell 22.6%.

And yes, Oct 28, 1929 was up there too -- with a drop of 12.8%  But don't forget the market was only 260 points strong back then.

But keep all this in perspective, these drops may seen scary but we recovered, we always do. So take a don't panic, deep breath, and let's instead learn from history together. 

So can you guess what the biggest point drops in history are?  Watch our video to see if you were right!

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