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Many Americans’ nest eggs have taken a hit in this year’s turbulent markets. Given the stormy conditions, it’s easy to feel anxious about having enough savings set aside for retirement. With so much uncertainty, it’s normal to crave more security. That’s where it pays to consider products aimed at helping you protect your savings from losing too much value in volatile markets.

Protect your savings, even in downturns.

One particular type of product can help — fixed annuities. With fixed annuities, your money is not directly exposed to the risks of the stock market or individual stocks. This may make it easier to weather fluctuations and shield your money from losses during market downturns.

Understand the differences.

Modern fixed annuities come in several flavors and combine protection from market loss with the potential for future growth. Fixed indexed annuities and multi-year guarantee annuities are among the most popular. While both offer growth opportunities with no direct market risk, there are some distinctions.

· Multi-year Guarantee Annuities (MYGAs)

A simple way to protect and grow your savings so you can plan with confidence, MYGAs provide you with tax-deferred growth at a fixed interest rate that’s set by the insurance company for a specific time period. Over that time, your money earns interest. Like all annuities, MYGAs can also be used to create a guaranteed retirement income stream you can’t outlive.

· Fixed Indexed Annuities (FIAs) 

With FIAs, the interest rate on a portion of your annuity’s value is tied, in part, to a published stock market index. Your money is protected from loss if the market goes down and can benefit from gains when it’s up. You may be able to customize your FIA with optional riders that provide guaranteed lifetime income or other benefits, often for a charge.

Five things a fixed annuity can do for you.

Adding an annuity to your retirement portfolio is a personal choice. If any of these scenarios resonate with you and your needs, one may make sense.

1. Weather economic downturns. Annuities can provide downside protection to shield savings from loss due to market downturns.

2. Guarantee income for life. Annuities can supplement other sources of guaranteed income like from traditional employer-sponsored pension plans and Social Security.

3. Help ensure a surviving spouse has enough savings. Annuities typically include options that allow surviving spouses to continue receiving payouts for the remainder of their lives.

4. Leave a legacy. The money in an annuity can generally be passed along to beneficiaries.

5. Help provide confidence if risk-averse. Take advantage of the protection from market loss offered by fixed indexed annuities while gaining the potential to earn interest based in part on the upward movement of a market index. Plus, any interest earned is locked in, meaning it can’t be lost even if the market goes down.

Find the right fit.

Safeguarding your money with an annuity has as much to do with finding the right product solution as it does with finding the right provider. You want a solution that’s tailored to your needs and goals and a financially strong company you can depend on.

For example, Athene has partnered with leaders in the financial world on innovative index solutions for its fixed indexed annuities. Many index solutions use advanced technology to respond quickly to changing markets. One of the company’s newest indexes provides intraday rebalancing which adapts faster to market changes to help increase stability and performance. With another one of its newest index solutions, artificial intelligence monitors headlines and tracks data on the 1,000 largest U.S. companies around the clock. With technology doing the work of an army of research analysts 24/7, adjustments within this index can be made quickly in response to market trends.

“We’re confident our indices are engineered to prove their value. They’re designed to work with our fixed indexed annuities to help clients take advantage of the growth in equity markets while helping to manage volatility,” says Grant Kvalheim, CEO and President of Athene USA.

Before deciding if an annuity is right for you, get a clear sense of your finances and plans for the years ahead. What’s your tolerance for risk? How worried you are about stormy markets or outliving your savings?

Then, get specific about the future you want to have. Do you want to travel extensively early in retirement, leave a legacy for your children, or simply make sure you don’t outlive your money?

If you’ve felt a bit uneasy in this year’s turbulent market environment, it may be worth talking to your financial professional to rebalance your portfolio. With a combination of income and growth, annuities can be a powerful part of a recovery strategy or a way to protect or “future proof” your retirement savings, even in the stormiest conditions.

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