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Latest Investment and Retirement News for Financial Advisers

Latest for financial advisers: Easing to switch to Medicare, managing the high cost of investment income and post-pandemic financial planning.

Five Tips to Ease the Switch to Medicare

Many older clients have one last thing to check off on their retirement checklist, according to Joanne Giardini-Russell. And that’s Medicare enrollment. In her article, Giardini-Russell describes how they can de-stress the process. Read Five Tips to De-Stress the Entree into Medicare.

What to Do About the High Cost of Investment Income

In this article, Michael Finke and David Blanchett, write that it has never been more expensive to buy income from a portfolio. “Historically low interest rates coupled with declining dividend yields have created a significant dilemma for income investors,” write Finke and Blanchett.

In response to the low-yield environment, many investors will be tempted to reach for yield, either by purchasing lower quality bonds or equities with higher dividend yields. But Finke and Blanchett demonstrate that these approaches will increase the risk of a portfolio with little expectation of reward through higher returns. Read What to Do About the High Cost of Investment Income.

Dan Ariely on Post-pandemic Financial Planning

Post-pandemic financial planning will reward advisors who illustrate the relationship between money and happiness to their clients, according to the article by Allan Roth. Read Dan Ariely on Post-pandemic Financial Planning.

Estate Planning Tips for 2021

As we head into a new year and a change of administration in Washington, advisors should be discussing several estate planning considerations with their clients, according to Michael Winn. Read Estate Planning Tips for 2021 - Articles.

Best and Worst Investment (and other) Books of 2020

It has been Larry Swedroe’s tradition to informally rate the investment-related books he read in the past year. He also included some novels and books of general interest. Here is his list of winners and losers. Read The Best and Worst Investment (and other) Books of 2020.

Is Diversification Dead?

Over the past dozen years, investors holding the classic US 60/40 portfolio were substantially better off than their diversified peers, yet now is not the time to abandon diversification and diversifying asset classes, write by Rob Arnott and John West of Research Affiliates. The authors believe it is imprudent to trust that escalation in valuations will continue unabated into the next decade. Read Is Diversification Dead?

How to Build the ‘Perfect’ Advisory Firm

It’s not rocket science, but it does require a tight game plan to address seven key business areas, according to Timothy Welsh. Read How to Build the 'Perfect' Advisory Firm.

Next-Gen Redefines Retirement

Advisors will have to change their approach to Next-Geners if they want to lure a new generation of clients, according to Andrew Altfest. Read The Next-Gen Redefines Retirement.