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Investment and Social Security News for Financial Advisers

Latest for financial advisers: Best robo advisers, maximizing Social Security, estate tax changes.

The 15 Best Robo Advisers

Scoring across nine quantitative and qualitative metrics, here’s how Backend Benchmarking ranks the industry’s digital advice providers, according to this FinancialPlanning report.

'Digital Assets Are Here to Stay'

BNY Mellon embraces crypto: Citing strong client demand, the nation's largest custody bank is building infrastructure and a team that can help clients store and manage bitcoin and many other types of virtual currency and tokenized assets, according to this FinancialPlanning report.

How to Help Clients Maximize Social Security Benefits

Claiming early can be tempting for retirees, who are worried about the solvency of Social Security, write Jason Fichtner and Michael Finke. And effective claiming often means overcoming the biggest barrier -- clients’ behavioral biases. Advisers can overcome these biases by using an objective fact-based process that recognizes that Social Security is an asset and that the goal is to maximize the asset’s value, write Finke and Fichtner in this ThinkAdvisor article.

Creative Planning CEO: Biden’s Capital Gains Tax Plan Could Kill Model Portfolios

Peter Mallouk, CEO of Creative Planning, says an increase in the capital gains tax, which President Joe Biden is considering, could “dramatically change” investment decisions and “drive a stake through the heart of model portfolios” many advisers use, according to this ThinkAdvisor article.

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Estate Taxes: Strategies for Affluent vs. Wealthy Clients

With Democratic majorities in the House and Senate and a Democratic president, the political winds have shifted abruptly and with them the likelihood of changes in estate taxes in the near future, according to this ThinkAdvisor article. And that means wealthy clients and those who are merely affluent have different goals and may need different strategies.

Next-Gen Redefines Retirement

Advisers will have to change their approach if they want to lure a new generation of clients, writes Andrew Altfest in this Financial Advisor article.

Honeymoon's Over for SEC’s Reg BI Compliance

The honeymoon is over for firms aiming to comply with the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Regulation Best Interest, according to comments made by an official at the watchdog and industry professionals, as reported by Financial Advisor IQ.

Beware the ‘Specialized’ ETFs

In this month's Research Roundup, the Retirement Income Journal shares four recent academic papers on the proliferation of ETFs, the danger (or not) of national debt, rational inflation expectations, and the impact of recent changes in RMD rules.