2009 Money Making Strategies Investment Conference
8:30 AM Morning Keynote - Finding the Bull Market in 2009

Jim Cramer will share with you what he sees happening in 2009 with emphasis on the investment opportunities. As Jim so fondly reminds his audience and his readers, "There's always a bull market somewhere."

Exclusive for Conference Attendees: You will be the first to find out Jim's predictions for 2009!

Jim's talk will be capped off with the popular "Lightning Round" — you call the stock, Jim calls it as it is.

This discussion will include:
· Stocks to invest in during 2009
· Stocks and sectors to underweight during the next 15 months
· What sectors will sidestep the market's volatility

Jim Cramer
-Co-Founder, Director and Senior Markets Commentator, TheStreet.com
-Author of TheStreet.com premium investing service, Action Alerts PLUS
-Host of CNBC's Mad Money
9:45 AM Top Buys in Small Cap Stocks
When it comes to going long and going for big gains, small-cap stocks have a history of delivering the goods. The trouble is separating the gems from the duds.

Listen to the pros who know this sector best: David Peltier, portfolio manager of TheStreet.com Value Investor and Dividend Stock Adviser; Frank Curzio, portfolio manager of Stocks Under $10, Larsen Kusick, portfolio manager of Breakout Stocks and Steven Birenberg, president and chief investment officer of Northlake Capital Management, LLC. They will give you their strategy on finding small-cap winners and highlight specific stocks they believe with soar during the next 15 months.

David Peltier
-Portfolio Manager of TheStreet.com premium services, Value Investor and Dividend Stock Advisor

Frank Curzio
-Portfolio Manager of TheStreet.com premium service, Stocks Under $10

Larsen Kusick
-Portfolio Manager of TheStreet.com premium service, Breakout Stocks

Steven Birenberg
-Contributor, TheStreet.com RealMoney
-President and Chief Investment Officer, Northlake Capital Management, LLC

Moderated by: Dan Fitzpatrick
-Contributor, TheStreet.com RealMoney
-Host of "3 Stocks I Saw on TV", a popular feature on TheStreet.com TV
-Publisher of The Stock Market Mentor
-Guest Commentator, CNBC
11:00 AM Where the Booms Will Be in 2009

Technical analysts have a strong history at spotting momentum and value through their detailed charts and their analysis of them. Three of the most renowned at TheStreet.com give you their analysis on what stocks and sectors will be prime opportunities for you over the next 15 months.

At press time one of our panelists, Helene Meisler, had successfully called the top of the NASDAQ for 2008. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to hear the top talent give you insight on where the technicals are pointing for 2009.

Helene Meisler
-Contributor, TheStreet.com RealMoney
-Author of TheStreet.com premium service, Top Stocks

Alan Farley
-Contributor, TheStreet.com RealMoney
-Author of the bestseller, The Master Swing Trader
-Author of TheStreet.com premium service, Daily Swing Trade

Dan Fitzpatrick
-Contributor, TheStreet.com RealMoney
-Host of 3 Stocks I Saw on TV, a popular feature on TheStreet.com TV
-Publisher of The Stock Market Mentor
-Guest Commentator, CNBC
11:50 AM Late Morning Keynote — Making Money in the Next Stock Market Bubbles

In recent years, investors have experienced bubbles in the technology, real estate, debt, commodities and the Chinese equities market. All of these bubbles have provided fantastic opportunities for profit and even more opportunities for ruin if investors overstayed their welcome.

From the alternative energy sector to emerging markets, James "Rev Shark" DePorre, a renowned investor and stock trader and long-time contributor to RealMoney, examines the next stock market bubbles and lets you know which ones are ripe to produce gains — so you can.

James "Rev Shark" DePorre
-Contributor, TheStreet.com RealMoney
-Author of Invest Like a Shark: How a Deaf Guy with No Job and Limited Capital made a Fortune Investing in the Stock Market
-Author of TheStreet.com premium service, ETF Shark Alerts
12:30 PM LUNCH
1:30 PM Where the Money Is: Market and Consumer Trends

From tattoo removal and obesity to identity theft, James Altucher will identify some surprising trends and detail how you can profit from them. A former manager of a fund of funds, James is also the founder of Stockpickr, a site within TheStreet.com Network that is regarded by some in the investment community as an ultimate resource for serious investors and traders. Find out how you can make money on these trends, as well as others, so you can rest a little easier at night.

James Altucher
-Contributor, TheStreet.com RealMoney
-Founder, Stockpickr from TheStreet.com
2:10 PM What's Putting the "Boom" in Booming Biotech?

Over the last several years, many biotech stocks have doubled in value, producing enormous returns for investors who bought shares in these stocks. Adam Feuerstein, a former equity research analyst and portfolio manager of TheStreet.com Biotech Select premium service, provides his outlook for the biotech sector for the next 15 months so you (and your portfolio) can get in on the trends.

This discussion will include:
· What are the next 10 biggest stock-moving events within the biotech sector
· Why the Food and Drug Administration hates your biotech portfolio and what you should do about it
· Which stocks have the most potential to soar
· Which equities should be avoided and why

Adam Feuerstein
-Author of TheStreet.com premium service, Biotech Select
3:05 PM Five Value Stocks You Need to Buy — NOW!

The volatility in the market is creating more value stocks than any other time in recent memory. Stephanie Link, Director of Research for Jim Cramer's Action Alerts PLUS investing service, will give you what you need to get ahead of the market.

This discussion will include:
· Analysis of the current market
· Outlook for 2009
· Value stock picks that you need to buy NOW

Stephanie Link
-Director of Research, Action Alerts PLUS
3:45 PM How to Trade Options Like a Pro (And Make the Money to Show for It)!

Renowned by baseball fans the world over for his hustle and gutsy style of play, Lenny Dykstra traded in his cleats years ago to become a successful businessman, entrepreneur and top-notch options trader.

Lenny, whose Nails on the Numbers premium investing service is available exclusively through TheStreet.com, will walk you through his options strategy in detail and show you how to follow his investment system, which by his count, has gone 76-0 this year.

Lenny Dykstra
-Contributor, TheStreet.com RealMoney
-Guest Commentator, CNBC
-Overtime Magazine's 2006-2007 "Entrepreneur of the Year"
-3 Time All Star and Former Major-League Baseball Player, New York Mets, Philadelphia Phillies
-Author of TheStreet.com premium service, Nails on the Numbers


Given the market's volatility, news is breaking continually that could affect the strategies and ideas being discussed at the Investment Conference. Therefore, in order to give you the most up-to-date and useful advice, you may see updates to the Agenda in the future.

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