What is TheStreet?

TheStreet is the premier destination on the Web for the latest financial news, quotes and money-related tools that help you become a smarter and more successful manager of your finances.

Where does TheStreet content come from?

TheStreet content is written by a talented staff of journalists, located across the country, who provide in-depth financial news, commentary and analysis. TheStreet has been covering the U.S. markets for over 15 years and has won numerous journalism awards. The team is led by Editor-in-Chief William Inman. View TheStreet Masthead here.

Do I have to pay for TheStreet content?

No, all the content on TheStreet is free.

How long has TheStreet been covering market and business news?

TheStreet has been online and providing key market and business news since 1996.

How can I learn about the backgrounds of your journalists?

To read biographies of our journalists, go to TheStreet Masthead.

What portfolio tools does TheStreet provide?

Mad Money Performance Portfolio | TheStreet Portfolio

Our free Mad Money Performance Portfolio enables a user to create a free portfolio of tickers. A user will receive email alerts when a ticker is mentioned on Jim Cramer's "Mad Money" show. The Mad Money Performance section also tracks Cramer's picks on the show. You can find the best and worst calls weekly, the best and worst calls overall, or search by sector, industry or show date.

TheStreet Portfolio is a free tool that can be used to create multiple portfolios and to help you manage and monitor financial assets, including cash position, stocks, mutual funds and ETFs. It provides current economic data that help you stay on top of your finances. The portfolio can only be accessed by you. For help with your portfolio, click here.

What is Jim Cramer's role at TheStreet?

Jim Cramer is the co-founder of TheStreet and one of its largest shareholders. He is committed to TheStreet mission: to provide top-quality, money-related content to the broadest audience. Jim contributes free content on TheStreet, including his Investing Rules and Commandments, Market Update Videos. In addition, TheStreet staff provides a Mad Money Recap as well as the show's Lightning Round and Stop Trading! segments. Jim Cramer also has a premium investing service, Action Alerts PLUS, which he references on his show. This service gives subscribers access to Jim's personal charitable trust portfolio and to email alerts that notify subscribers of recommended stock moves before Jim acts. Jim also participates in the Columnist Conversation feature on Real Money.

Does TheStreet provide Mutual Fund and ETF data?

Yes. Simply enter in the ticker, company or fund name in the "Get Quotes" search field (in the header of any page) and click the get "Get Quotes" button.

Why TheStreet?

TheStreet is dedicated to giving you comprehensive information and unbiased recommendations that will empower you to make smart decisions about your money and personal finances.

What is TheStreet Ratings?

TheStreet Ratings uses proprietary statistical models, including key financial metrics and indicators, to rate stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, banks, insurance and other financial interests. Our ratings are based on an overall quality score. Specific ratings are found on the quote page for stocks, funds or ETFs. TheStreet also provides a screener tool for stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, banks, thrifts, HMOs and insurers. Free Ratings articles are available on TheStreet. More comprehensive Ratings reports can be found here.