Week 7 Stock vs. Stat: PayPal vs. Dalvin Cook

With Dalvin Cook averaging 97 rushing yards per game, PayPal is the perfect stock to match-up against him since it's trading around $101.
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Jim Cramer Loves Having Dalvin Cook on his Fantasy Football Team

A fantasy football player since the early 1980's and a LEGEND on Wall Street, Jim Cramer knows great value when he sees it. That's why he drafted Dalvin Cook in the second round of his fantasy draft, despite the concerns of Cook's ability to stay healthy for a full season.

Cook is currently RB3 on the year with 138.6 fantasy points thanks to an impressive average of 97 rushing yards per game and six touchdowns.

We matched the Vikings running back up against PayPal's stock price which is currently trading at $101. With the Lions giving up the 4th most points to running backs this season and an average of 105 rushing yards per game, it was too appealing for me to pass up on siding with the Minnesota playmaker. Since Jim has Cook on his fantasy team, that was music to his ears. 

Another stud running back on The SkiDaddies (Jim's fantasy team name), is Ezekiel Elliott who is playing against the Eagles (Jim's favorite team). Though Elliott is one of the best backs in the league, the Eagles Defense is great at stopping the run. In fact, Philly allows the fourth least amount of fantasy points to opposing rushers. So while Jim would like Zeke to have a good game for fantasy purposes, he'd much rather have the Eagles win the game. 

Luckily Cook's match-up against Detroit is so juicy, he should be able to make up for the points that Elliott may struggle to attain. 

Which side of this match-up do you favor: Dalvin Cook or PayPal? Let us know in the comments.