Week 5 Stock vs. Stat: JP Morgan Chase vs. Ezekiel Elliott

Bill Enright

Jim Cramer compares two powerhouses in their industry with JP Morgan Chase and Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott in this clip from stock vs. stat.

Identifying the similarities between the stock market and fantasy football is one of the things Jim Cramer does best. That's why every-week on Bull Market Fantasy Live we compare a stock with an NFL player.

In this clip the Wall Street Legend, Katherine Ross, and I debate what will finish higher, Ezekiel Elliott's combined rushing and receiving yards or JP Morgan Chase's stock price. Chase currently trades at $117 while Elliott is averaging 96.75 total yards per game. 

Sounds like a no brainer to pick Chase right?

Not so fast.

When factoring in Elliott is taking on a Packers defense that is allowing running backs to average 185 combined yards through the first four weeks, this battle of Stock vs. Stat becomes much more difficult to predict. Check out the video to see if we choose the stock or stat.

Which do you think is higher come Monday: Elliott's yards or Chase's stock price? Leave your predictions in the comments.