Week 3 Stock vs. Stat: Tech Data Corp vs. Travis Kelce Receiving Yards

Bill Enright

Kansas City Chiefs tight end gained 107 yards in Week 2 and 88 yards in Week 1. Meanwhile, Tech Data has held strong at $102. Which is higher after Kelce's match-up vs. the Ravens, his receiving yards or TECD's stock price?

Jim Cramer is very familiar with both Tech Data Corp  and Chiefs Tight End Travis Kelce. Jim  spoke with Tech Data Corp's CEO Rich Hume this week during one of his episodes of CNBC's Mad Money and has the Kansas City superstar on his fantasy football team.

This week in our Stock vs. Stat segment we paired Kelce with TECD. Kelce has consistently been one of the best tight ends in the NFL the last three seasons and Tech Data has seen a steady increase since August and is currently trading at $102. Meanwhile Kelce has games of 88 and 107 yards to start the year. 

But which will be higher come Monday? That's what Jim asked his team of fantasy football analysts. Give us your predictions in the comments and check back on our next show to see who was right!

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Jim Cramer
Jim Cramer


I have Kelce so hope he wins this battle