Week 3 Game of the Week Quarterback Breakdown: Mahomes and the Chiefs vs. Jackson and the Ravens

Bill Enright

Two of the best quarterbacks in Fantasy Football will share the same field on Sunday in Kansas City as Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs and Lamar Jackson and the Ravens battle in Week 3.

It's not often when two of the best players at their position in fantasy football match-up against each other this early in the season. Yet with the Ravens and Chiefs battling on Sunday, that is the exact gift from the NFL schedules makers fans get in Week 3.

Patrick Mahomes, the NFL reigning MVP and the electrifying playmaker who threw 50 TDs a year ago already has seven scores in 2019. Meanwhile Ravens QB Lamar Jackson  also has seven touchdowns plus a 100 yard rushing performance in Week 2 making him the highest scoring player in all of fantasy football after two games.

Ravens Maven Todd Karpovich and Chiefs Maven Matt Derrick joined Bull Market Fantasy to discuss this epic QB battle we'll witness in Week 3.

Mahomes or Jackson: Who has more fantasy football points on Sunday? Make your prediction in the comments below.

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Jim Cramer
Jim Cramer


Can't wait to watch this game!!!