DFS Roster Construction: GPP vs. Cash Game Lineups in Week 3

Bill Enright

Jim Cramer and Bill Enright breakdown two winning lineups from DraftKings contests in Week 3.

GPP vs. Cash Games

In today's DFS lesson we compared the roster that won a million dollars on DraftKings in Week 3 to a cash game lineup that finished in the money. Both lineups made money-one of which won a million dollars- but both had very different roster constructions because the contests they were entered into, call for a very different type of strategy and approach.

Remember, a Guaranteed Prize Pool, GPP, is more like options trading, very high risk, but tremendous rewards. A cash game is more like investing in a mutual fund, a safer approach but with smaller profits.

The Winning Lineup from DraftKings Week 3 Fantasy Millionaire


Quick look at this roster and the first thing that immediately jumps out is the game stack between the Seahawks and Cowboys. Remember last week we identified this game as one of the highest-scoring games of the week when we did our Over/Under breakdown. 69 total points were scored. Russell Wilson went absolutely bonkers again. The winner paired Wilson with DK Metcalf, Tyler Locketter and Michael Gallup. All of which scored more than 23 points and only Metcalf was rostered by more than 20% of leagues. Remember, stacking is the opposite of diversifying. Stacking is the strategy we use to get as many players int the same game when we expect a high scoring affair. Usually, it’s a quarterback with at least one of their wide receivers. This lineup had two of Wilson’s receivers plus a receiver on the other side in Michael Gallup. This game stack netted 52% of this team’s total points.

Now how did they pay up for all those studs including Derrick Henry? Look at their two running backs. Jeff Wilson and Rex Burkhead both at $4,000! Less than 3 percent ownership and both Wilson and Burkhead had phenomenal days. And don’t cut the defense short either. Colts at $4,100 against the Jets really paid off big with 26 points.

Winning Lineup in DraftKings Week 3 Cash Games


 This team was in a 50/50, finished inside that top 50%. But look at the point differential of what it takes to win a cash game compared to the million dollars. 141 points compared to 249. Last week we said a winning GPP lineup is like having all of your players take super steroids for a game and have a career day. 

A winning Cash game lineup on the other hand is just a solid day in a PPR league with some bonuses. This team also used two players from that Cowboys/Seahawks game with Amari Cooper and Tyler Lockett. But look at the ownership percentage (52 and 20%). We warned last week Miles Sanders would be heavily owned, 92% ownership and he only yielded 14 points. But considering 9 out of 10 lineups had him, there was no need to separate from the pack. Plus Dak Prescott had a terrific game and only 4% ownership. This team had several players with that cold icon next to them, typically a bad sign to see. Diontae Johnson got hurt mid-game, so did Jordan Reed and the Texans defense only had one point. But that’s the difference between a GPP and cash game. GPP, EVERYONE has to not just go off, but they need to go parabolic. For a cash game, it is much less demanding that every player performs well.

Get in on a Cash Game or GPP for Week 4 by checking out the contest lobby on DraftKings. 

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