Fantasy Football Championship Week: Jim Cramer and Crew Help you get the Trophy

Week 16 in the NFL means one thing, it's the Fantasy Football Championship. Jim Cramer and his team get you ready to win your league, the trophy, and the bragging rights.

The most important week in Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football Championships are here! 

Whether you jumped out to an early lead thanks to Lamar Jackson's five touchdowns on Thursday Night Football or pulled off a comeback thanks to Drew Brees' four TDs on Monday Night Football, you made it to the CHAMPIONSHIP. 

Pat your self on the back but don't celebrate too long, there's still more work to be done. Just one more match-up stands in the way of you and your fantasy football trophy and an entire off-season of bragging rights.

Jim Cramer and his team of NFL and fantasy football analysts are ready to give you all the strategy, data, analysis, and insight you need to hoist that trophy when Week 16 comes to an end.

Topics for today's show:

  • Dalvin Cook's injury: What do you do if you have the Vikings running back
  • Chris Godwin's injury: How can you recover from losing your WR1
  • Josh Gordon's suspension: What stock is most like the often suspended receiver
  • Jimmy From Anywhere: Fan favorite JFA stays hot with another win for his lock of the week
  • High and low scoring games in Week 16: We look at the totals and preview the games to expect a lot or a little points
  • Waiver Wire Lightning Round: The Waiver Wire still matters even though it's the last week of fantasy football
  • Stock vs. Stat: Katherine Ross joins the show and compares three stocks to three players 

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