Week 10 Fantasy Football Lightning Round with Jim Cramer

Bill Enright

Jim Cramer and Bill Enright discuss ten NFL players including Russell Wilson, Christian McCaffrey, and Mike Evans in their Week 10 lightning round.

Bull Market Fantasy: Lots of information in a short amount of time

Our Bull Market Fantasy show is only 30 minutes long but we pack it with lots of helpful and educational fantasy football information. Luckily Jim Cramer and I talk fast!!!

During our Tuesday episode we introduced a new segment similar to Jim's lightning round on Mad Money. Jim threw out ten players and I gave a line or two on their fantasy football outlook for the rest of the season.

We focused on three quarterbacks including Russell Wilson, three running backs, including Christian McCaffrey, three wide receivers including Mike Evans, and one tight end Zach Ertz.

With nine weeks of NFL action in the books, we used this opportunity as a progress report for the 2019 season. For example, when Jim asked me about Russell Wilson, my response was "he leads all quarterbacks in fantasy points with 251 on the year and his 22 passing touchdowns are the most in the league. Either Wilson or Lamar Jackson will be the league MVP this year."

But not all the analysis was positive.

For example, when Jim asked me about Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew, I didn't have many nice things to say. "Minshew Mania is OVER...he and that dumb mustache are heading back to the bench and Nick Foles will take over the starting role once the Jags are back from their bye week."

Check out the video for the full list of players we discussed. During our Thursday show, Jim and I will do a lightning round for Start and Sit in Week 10.

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Wilson the MVP


Looking forward to it

Jaime Eisner
Jaime Eisner


MinshewMania is indeed over.