What to Expect From the Cowboys-Vikings Game With Adam Thielen Out

Katherine Ross

Adam Thielen is officially out for Week 10 of the NFL.

The Minnesota Vikings wide receiver will not be on the field on Sunday when they take on the Cowboys.

So far, the Vikings are 6-3 and the Cowboys are 5-3. 

Bill Enright, co-host of Jim Cramer's Bull Market Fantasy show, wrote about Thielen's injury earlier this week. Enright noted, "Adam Thielen missed the Vikings' Week 8 game, attempted to come back in Week 9 but further damaged his hamstring and will now miss several weeks."

Enright discussed Thielen's injury in his injury recap following Week 9. 

So, with Thielen out, what does that mean for their match-up against the Cowboys and how will it impact Kirk Cousins' fantasy football value?

Enright and Mike Fisher, our CowboyMaven, sat down with Bull Market Fantasy to discuss what they expect to see from the Cowboys-Vikings game on Sunday. 

Fisher, when asked about Thielen, noted that the Cowboys "have their own concerns" and pointed to Amari Cooper's injury. 

Cooper, who went in for an MRI on Thursday, said that he will be in action for the primetime game on Sunday Night.

Fisher, who's based in Texas, spoke to Cooper about the MRI and injury. 

"Cooper has contended all week that his knee is "fine,'' and that physically he plans on being a "10'' by the time Sunday night arrives. In the meantime, his MRI apparently revealed nothing more than a knee bruise; Amari tells SI.com, "Everything is OK," Fisher wrote on the CowboyMaven site. 

When asked about the wide receivers on the Vikings side, Enright noted that the Vikings are "very limited" which is why the combination of Diggs and Thielen was so crucial for the Vikings. 

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Need a big game from Diggs


Sucks having Thielen out. Need a Cowboys loss.


I expect a Cowboys win.

Jaime Eisner
Jaime Eisner


Both top WRs banged up. Could be huge games for Diggs and Gallup.