Tom Brady Needs Both Julian Edelman and Josh Gordon to Step up Against the Bills

Bill Enright

Tom Brady has tortured the Bills and their fans for nearly two decades. In fact, Brady and the Patriots have beat Buffalo in 30 of their last 34 games.

In his first three games, Tom Brady has seven touchdowns and 911 passing yards but in Week 4  he'll have his toughest battle yet as the Patriots take on the Bills. The Buffalo defense is a top three passing unit and has allowed just one passing touchdown in each of their first three games and no quarterback has thrown for more than 250 yards against them.

With limited target options, Brady will need his top two playmakers in Julian Edelman and Josh Gordon to step up in a big way if the Patriots want to remain undefeated.

This AFC East battle is the Bull Market Fantasy game of the week and we brought in Patriots Maven Devon Clements to help us break-down the match-up.

Who has more fantasy points in Week 4? Julian Edelman or Josh Gordon? Make your predictions in the comments below. 

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I like the odds of the Bills defense giving Brady a run for his money. Should make for a more exciting game then the previous teams the Pats have faced this year. We'll see if the Bills can force Brady to only resort to his check down routes and eliminate the deep balls.