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Tips for the Fantasy Football Championship: Don't Get Cute and Split The Pot

Fantasy Football Championship weekend is here and Jim Cramer has some tips to help you win your trophy

Don't Get Cute

One of our main rules, a backbone of our strategy here at Bull Market Fantasy is start your studs. It's a very simple, direct approach to setting your starting lineup. If you have a stud player like Michael Thomas, you play him. It doesn't matter if his match-up is tough or if he's listed as questionable. If he's active for the game, he's in your lineup. But for some reason, some fantasy players like to get "cute" with their lineups in Week 16. Imagine benching a stud player during your fantasy football championship because you were worried about his match-up, watching that player score a ton of points only to be left on your bench. How would you feel all off-season? It's much better to ride with the player that got you this far, you'll sleep much better at night!

Split The Pot

Doesn't matter if it's a 60-40, 50-50, 45-55, but you and your opponent need to make some type of "deal" when it comes to the prize money. Winning money is great, especially after all the hard work you did to get you to this point. But money cannot be the only incentive. Bragging Rights are the real top prize. Reaching the fantasy football promise-land as league champion is the ultimate reward. Stop worrying about an extra $25 or $50 or whatever the regular 1st and 2nd split is between your league. Make a deal, take the guaranteed money, and play for the bragging rights.

Check The Injury Report

The NFL may only be a 17 week regular season, but it's a long season in terms of the bumps and bruises the player's suffer over the course of September, October, November and December. By Week 16, practically everyone is nicked up or has a sore muscle or two. Sometimes players get listed as Questionable but have no real danger of missing action. For Week 16, Dak Prescott is a perfect example. ESPN's Adam Schefter sent out a tweet indicating Dak Prescott was limited in practice for the first time in his career and suddenly every Cowboys fan or a fantasy player with a member of the Cowboys on their squad went into a panic. Fact is, Prescott is going to play and him being listed as Questionable is simply a minor technicality. The key to knowing who is truly questionable and who is merely listed on the injury report because they spent a few minutes in the training room is by monitoring the practice reports for Friday. That is the most important practice day and a huge indicator for knowing if a player will be in action come Sunday. 

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