Tips For Jim Cramer's Wife During Fantasy Football Season

Bill Enright

Jim Cramer's wife, Lisa, stopped by Bull Market Fantasy Live and we gave her some tips of what to expect on gameday.

Jim Cramer is a devoted husband and fantasy football player. So when his wife Lisa stopped by the set of Bull Market Fantasy, I had some tips for her of how to deal with a fantasy football addict.

In the above video, I explain to Lisa one of Jim's best players is Dalvin Cook, so if she hears him yelling 'COOK' 'COOK' COOK' it's not his new way of telling her he's hungry. Lisa snapped back and said he better not be telling her to get in the kitchen to make a meal or she'll have some very choice words for her husband. 

Check out the video to see exactly what Lisa would tell Jim and watch Jim's priceless reaction.