Stock Vs. Stat: Viacom or Ezekiel Elliott?

Katherine Ross

Who do you prefer? The stats of Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott or the stock of Viacom?

It's week 11 of the NFL.

And it's also the Tuesday edition of Bull Market Fantasy with Jim Cramer, so you know what that's time for Stock versus Stat.

This week we're putting Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott up against the stock of Viacom. 

Viacom is set to report earnings on Thursday, Nov. 14, but that's not the only reason that the stock is worth putting up against Elliott. 

Earlier this week, during his Action Alerts PLUS Daily Rundown show, Jim Cramer referred to Viacom as a "rocket."

While Elliott has 788 yards under his belt so far this season, he had a whopping total of 47 yards after the Cowboys faced the Minnesota Vikings Sunday night. 

Now, back to Viacom. The company is set to merge with CBS in December, according to CBS. 

Currently, Viacom trades around $26. In the past three months, the stock is down around 16%. 

Year-to-date, however, the stock has only lost around 7%.

Cramer believes that the merger will have investors regretting not buying the stock.

"Viacom is at five times earnings," Cramer said. 

However, Enright notes that, while the Vikings shut down Elliott, the Detroit Lions--who Dallas faces this weekend--"have allowed 158 total yards," he said.

So, which rocket would you take--Ezekiel Elliott as he faces the Lions or Viacom going into earnings?

Both Enright and Cramer agreed that they're going with Elliott this week.

Cramer said that part of the reason he joined Enright in choosing Elliott came down to hoping that Elliott would help boost his Fantasy team this week, since he owns Elliott.

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Jaime Eisner


I'd go with Elliott too.