Reverse the Curse for Thursday Night Football: Week 12 Colts and Texans

Bill Enright

Thursday Night Football is typically a recipe for disaster for NFL and fantasy football but Jim Cramer and Bill Enright Reverse The Curse with their Thursday night preview

Thursday Night Football Great for NFL Profits, Horrible for Fantasy Football

Since the inception of Thursday Night Football, NFL players and the fans that draft them in fantasy football have never liked the concept. Of course the extra game on primetime television does wonders for the NFL's bottom line but for the players on the field and the fantasy players at their computers and mobile devices, the game is beyond frustrating.

Football is far too physical of a sport to play within days of a team's previous game. It results in less than average performances (typically from the visiting team) which is a nightmare for fantasy football.

Lifelong fantasy football player and Wall Street legend Jim Cramer and I try to Reverse The Curse of Thursday Night Football. 

In Week 12, NFL and fantasy players will see the Texans host their AFC South division rivals Colts. The game features plenty of staples in fantasy lineups including Houston's quarterback DeShaun Watson, wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins and running back Carlos Hyde. But on the Colts side of the ball there's a lot of question marks surrounding their offensive playmakers.  We expect wide receiver TY Hilton to be active for the first time since Week 8 as he seemingly has recovered from his calf injury. But we will not see running back Marlon Mack who broke his hand in Week 11. The Texans are dealing with an injury as well with their receiver Will Fuller who has been out of the lineup since Week 7 with a hamstring injury.

Watch the video above for our Thursday Night Fantasy Football preview as we try to Reverse The Curse!