Outside of Patriots and 49ers, Fantasy Football Players Need to Stream Their Defenses

Bill Enright

Finding a consistent defense in 2019 to use in fantasy football is harder than finding the lost City of Atlantis.

Patriots and 49ers Defense Reign Supreme

If you have the 49ers or Patriots defenses/special teams on your fantasy football team consider yourself lucky. Those units are giving fantasy players quite an advantage on a week-to-week basis. Through nine games, the Patriots DEF/ST has 199 points, head and shoulders above everyone else, the 49ers scored 141 and the Steelers 3rd DEF/ST  have 130 points.

 Just to put those points in perspective, Michael Thomas is leading all wide receivers in the PPR format with 211 points. New England has 10 less points than the No. 1 wide receiver in all of fantasy. New England has the same amount of points as Mike Evans, the No. 2 receiver in PPR leagues. That's just INSANE! 

Lifelong fantasy football player Jim Cramer and I talked about the Pats and 49ers dominance in 2019 and also brought up the fact that unless you have either one of those squads, you are better off streaming on a week-to-week basis. "Streaming" in fantasy football is the practice of adding and dropping a position every single week based on match-up and recent performances. 

Streaming defenses comes with risk. Cramer called Defenses "High Beta" which in the stock market means very volatile. It's a great comparison...here's why. When choosing DEF/ST based on solely on match-up it can either pay off with a significant return (25 point performance) or backfire in a big, BIG way (One point). 

Just how High Beta are some of the other DEF/ST around the league? The 12th best (assuming you play in a 12 team league, the 12th of any position is considered a "starter") has 87 points. In other words, the Pats defense is out scoring the 12th best defense by an average of 13 points per game. 

Need to stream your defenses for Week 11? Check out our rankings from our partners at Full Time Fantasy.

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