Week 2 High Scoring Affairs: Finding the Players in Games With High Over/Under

Bill Enright

Using the players in games with a high projected point total is one of the key research tools when setting lineups in fantasy football match-ups.

Week 2 High Scoring Affairs

As we prepare for Week 2 of the 2020 NFL season, fantasy football players are setting their lineups for the second time this year.

Every week we use guidance from DraftKings Sportsbook when it comes to setting our fantasy football lineups. Games with high point totals (Over/Unders) means more scoring, which in turn means more fantasy points for your players.

Considering the average combined NFL score in 2019 was about 45 points, in order to meet our threshold of "high scoring affair" the Over/Under must be 48.5 or more.

In Week 2 there's a handful of games with a higher than average Over/Under. Those games include the Lions and Packers with an Over/Under of 49.5, Colts and Vikings (O/U 48.5), Ravens and Texans (O/U 51.5), Saints and Raiders (O/U 50.5) and Falcons and Cowbouys (O/U 52.5).


With the DraftKings Over/Under in mind, Jim Cramer and Bill Enright alert fantasy football managers to gravitate toward using players in those above-mentioned games to maximize fantasy football lineups. This is especially useful when on the fence or deciding between two players. If Player A is playing in a game with an O/U of 41 and Player B is playing in a game with an O/U of 52, then the Sportsbook is telling us they are expecting more points in Player B's game and thus Player B has a higher likelihood of getting more yards, touchdowns, and thus more fantasy points.

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