NFL Broken and Bad Teams: Jets, Browns Dolphins, Redskins but What About the Eagles?

Bill Enright

As we approach the midpoint of the NFL season it's clear some teams are simply just bad but there's also teams that are playing poorly but will look to turn around their season in the second half of the year.

There's No Coming Back From Being Broken

One of the great things about Bull Market Fantasy is utilizing Jim Cramer's incredible knowledge of the stock market and applying it with how we evaluate NFL teams. 

Jim had a great breakdown of bad stocks and broken companies. Here's what Jim had to say about the difference between the two:

"Very often a stock can have a break down because the market pulls it down or, more often, a quarter is missed either on revenues or earnings or both or a forecast is lowered. You can see how a stock reacts to something like that instantly and it is often an overreaction and an opportunity. However, a broken company is one with a bad balance sheet in a terrible industry where there is no coming back. I want to buy a bad stock --not all at once, maybe buy it and stash it even. but a broken company...forget it, there's no price where it is worth owning."

We took that analogy and applied it to several NFL teams in this lightning round of Bad or Broken team.

We started with the Eagles (Jim's favorite team) and despite being on a two game losing streak and falling to a 3-4 record, the Eagles are not a broken team. They may be a bad team right now, but they are far from broken. Philly is one of those teams that you buy into now while they are at an all time low and hope they turn things around. With match-ups against the Bills, Bears, Patriots and Seahawks in their next four games, the time is now for the Eagles to turn things around.

Some of the Broken teams we discussed include the New York Jets, Cleveland Browns and of course the Washington Redskins and Miami Dolphins. 

Who do you think is a bad team or a broken team? Let us know in the comments.