Midseason Portfolio Review: Inside Look At Jim Cramer's Fantasy Football Team

Bill Enright

With seven weeks of action under our belt, I like to provide a mid-season recap and rest of season outlook for some of my friends/clients/bosses. In this portfolio review I take a look at Jim Cramer's fantasy team.

This time of year I like to do a mid-season portfolio review. Think it's always smart to check out roster, lineup, upcoming bye weeks, target players that already had their bye, and take some fliers on players that can become "league winners" in the 2nd half of the season.

The analysis may be for Jim's team but many of our readers have a lot of the same players and are in similar positions. 

Jim’s full roster is pictured below along with his 12 team league’s current standings. Jim is in 1st place with a 5-2 record.

The following is my “portfolio review” for Jim Cramer’s team AKA “Ski Daddies”

Quarterback: Carson Wentz and Jameis Winston

Winston has the 2nd easiest schedule for QBs the remainder of the season (The Ghost Buster Mom Man has the 1st). Wentz needs to get his playmakers healthy. Holding 2 QBs and playing match-ups is always a sure fire way to maximize points. If you happen to have an open roster spot, I would grab Tannehill, play him and bench both Wentz and Winston this week. For me Wentz is just not an option this week. The Bills have allowed the 3rd least amount of fantasy points to the QB. Only the Pats and 49ers have allowed less. But Tannehill is a one week rental. Winston and Wentz are the longer term plays.

Running Backs: Ezkiel Elliot, Tony Pollard, Dalvin Cook, Alexander Mattison, David Montgomery, and  Jaylen Samuels

There's nothing I can say that you don't know about Zeke and Cook already. They are the staples of your lineup. Will carry you each and every week. Picking up Samuels may not seem like a power move now. But the Steelers were using him in the wildcat before his injury. He's a versatile player Pittsburgh needs since Big Ben is out. James Conner is constantly nagged with injuries. Zeke on a bye this week and Cook on a bye in Week 10. Samuels could be that bye week filler that comes off the waiver wire and saves you. He's already had his bye and has 5 green match-ups in the remaining nine weeks. Montgomery is frustrating. He's getting volume but the Bears are not in a position to just run the ball more than they pass. I think that changes in the next few weeks with LA, Detroit, Giants, Detroit again on the upcoming schedule. He's one of those rookies that I way over bought in the Preseason but do believe in his talent and the Bears know they have to rely on the rush instead of Trubisky. RB is your strongest position.

Wide Receivers: Chris Godwin AKA The God, Marques Valdez-Scnatling AKA Exxon Valdez AKA MVS, Christian Kirk, Daesean Hamilton

The God bye week is over so he is locked and loaded in your lineup for the rest of the year. That leaves 3 WRs to start in two spots. Evan Silva had the right evaluation on MVS...got lucky with his two big plays in Week 7 but that's the kind of WR he is. He saves his day off of just two plays or he can completely burn you. I like taking risks with players like that because it doesn't take a lot of volume for him to be productive. Sucks when he burns ya, but Rodgers is now playing like Rodgers and that's a risk people should be willing to take. Kirk needs to get healthy. It's been far too long and the Cardinals Offense hasn't been the same since he’s been out. ARZ has a bye in Week 12 and I can't imagine they hold him out until then. If not back this week, he's back Week 10. Hamilton: Emmanuel Sanders leaving the team opens up an average of seven targets a game. Broncos have a rookie tight end-not reliable- and very involved running back in the passing game. But Hamilton will see a minimum of five targets per game with a ceiling of ten. Hamilton is going to become your new favorite player not named The God, Zeke, or Dalvin.

Tight End: Travis Kelce and Mark Andrews

A lot of people don't do it, but putting a TE in your flex with this tight end talent gives you two Top 10 TEs in your lineup every week. Kelce is not the Kelce we all thought, but by TE standards he's still in the Top 3. Andrews gets his bye out of the way giving you great option for flex in Week 9 and moving forward. Kelce has a bye in Week 12. Mahomes will be back to Mahomes in no time. With just 1 TD in first 7 games, Kelce will progress to the mean and start scoring more.

Kicker: Jake Elliott

Too many times I see people ignore the kicker and defense position. I think if you were to compare Elliott's points to the kickers available, you'd notice there's several kickers with more points than your guy from Philly. Joey Slye (Panthers) just got off his bye and is probably available in your league since he didn't play last week . He's the number 3 kicker on the year. I like grabbing kickers that already had their bye so don't have to worry about grabbing another while also trying to grab the next hot commodity off waivers.

Defense: Seahawks

Good for this week but should not get attached to them. Think streaming defenses is great when match-ups call for it. The New York Hilltopper Jets actually have some great match-ups in the next few weeks against Hilltopper Giants, Dolphins (twice), Redskins, Raiders, and Bengals. Gregg Williams knows how to dial up blitzes and put pressure on the QB. If their Offense can put up some points, Jets defense might actually start to post some really good fantasy point totals. They are a team to consider for Week 9 going forward.


Since you are last on the waiver wire, now have to start thinking at least a week or two weeks ahead. Get you the guys now that everyone will want next week. After waivers clear each week, keep an eye on who is being dropped. The teams fighting for a playoff spot will have to drop some players that are on bye and that's when you scoop in, like you did with Jaylen Samuels. Crucial to monitor who is being dropped and how they can factor in to your roster moving forward. You have the talent and depth in your starting lineup to pickup players that are heading into their bye, have a one or two week injury or disposed by your opponents.

Solid 1st half. Let's work to getting you that first round bye in Week 14!!!

Team Standing for Jim Cramer's CNBC Fantasy Football league
Jim's Starting lineup for Week 8
The rest of Jim's roster.
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