Week 5 Stock vs. Stat: McDonald's vs. Mike Evans and Chris Godwin

The Buccaneers duo of Mike Evans and Chris Godwin have been on fire in fantasy football but can their combined yards exceed the fast food giant's stock price?

Great Start For Buccaneers Wide Receivers Mike Evans and Chris Godwin 

We are comparing McDonald's which is trading around $206 with the combined receiving yards for both Chris Godwin and Mikes Evans in Week 5. 

Evans is averaging 92 yards per game while Godwin is averaging 96.5. The Bucs take on the Saints for their Week 5 match-up.

Bill Enright and Jim Cramer weigh in on whether or not they'd pick the stock or the stat.

Make your prediction in the comments. Which will be higher: McDonald's stock on Monday or Tampa Bay's playmakers combined receiving yards?