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Don't Expect a lot of Fantasy Football Points From These Three low Scoring Games

There's three games in Week 16 with an Over/Under of less than 39 points, that's bad news if you planned on starting a player from one of these six teams.

Low Scoring Games for Week 16

One of the data points Jim Cramer and I use to our advantage when deciding who to start for our fantasy football teams is the Over/Under line published from the sports-books. It is a great indicator to see which games are expected to have a lot or a little amount of scoring.  The higher the Over/Under the more points=the more production for individual fantasy players=happy fantasy players. But a low Over/Under means less scoring which is less fantasy points for your players which equals an unhappy fantasy manager.

So which are the projected games with a low scoring total?

Jim Cramer and I discussed three of them during Bull Market Fantasy Live and you can watch that clip above.

The three games we don't have high expectations for includes the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots which has a Over/Under of 38.5, the Detroit Lions and Denver Broncos with a game total of 37.5 and the Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Jets with a game total of 37.5.

Are there some players that are exceptions to these games? Yes of course. If you have a guy like James White and play in a PPR league, you are likely going to need to start him. But none of the Quarterbacks from these six teams should be started and there's only one or two receivers that are trust-worthy. Not surprisingly, none of these teams have a tight end that is fantasy viable. 

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