Jim Cramer's Wife, Lisa Spills Beans on Cramer's NFL Gameday Rituals

Most fans have somewhat eccentric routines or rituals when it comes to game-day. A lucky jersey, favorite hat, etc. Jim Cramer's wife reveals what the Wall Street Legend HAS to do on NFL Game-day.
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Fan is Short For Fanatic 

Fans are passionate.

Fans are emotional.

Fans are creatures of habit.

Sometimes that habit, that emotion, that passion becomes so captivating, it consumes a fan so much it takes over their everyday personality. 

That's exactly what Jim Cramer's wife, Lisa Detwiler, revealed when discussing her husband's pre-game rituals and routines on the Week 5 episode of Bull Market Fantasy Live.

Do you have a weird, or odd, pregame ritual?  Let us know in the comments.