Jim Cramer's Secret to Fantasy Football Championships: "Find Players Looking For Dinner"

Finding players that are "hungry" is a sure-fire way to successful run during the fantasy football playoffs.
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Who Is Looking For Dinner?

Jim Cramer isn't just dominant when it comes to picking stocks on Wall Street, he's been dominating his fantasy football competition since the early 1980s. When it comes to picking players that can help fantasy players win their championship, Jim got an amazing tip from two-time Super Bowl winner Vaughn Hebron. The former running back told Jim to find players that are "looking for dinner." In other words, find players that are hungry, that are looking to prove something, that need to perform well to earn that next contract or even just that next game check. 

By mid-December we know which teams are in the playoff race, are are playing for a lame-duck head coach, or are going to get cut when the season ends. That's why Hebron told Jim to identify players that NEED to perform, that need to provide for their family...hence the term "Looking for Dinner."

Often the players that are looking for dinner at the end of the season are the ones who were second or third string on the depth chart at the start of the season but have emerged from the bench for a variety of reasons. Those type of players now have an opportunity to make an impact on the field and are doing everything in their power to prove their worth. 

So who is looking for dinner? Nick Kostos joined Bull Market Fantasy and identified a few ways to identify the players that are "hungry" including Eagles running back Boston Scott and 49ers rusher Raheem Mostert. 

Do you need a player "looking for dinner" for your run to a fantasy football championship? Let us know in the comments below or check out our Week 15 Waiver Wire video. 

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