Jim Cramer's Fantasy Prediction: David Johnson and Ben Roethlisberger Primed for Bounce-Back in 2020

Jim Cramer

After injury plagued seasons in 2020 are David Johnson and Ben Roethlisberger poised to make comebacks in 2020? Jim Cramer says YES

Jim Cramer's Top Candidates for Comebacks in 2020

DeSean Jackson- Tough offseason. Has proven to be a distraction in the past. They’ve proven they could win big without him. He still has big-play capabilities, but will his mouth and past keep him from flying? People don’t want to associate with assholes and the normal team support you may have seen in the past for a player like this will be non-existent. But DeSean thrives in this role, the Eagles have the ability to spread the field and if DeSean stays healthy he is capital D Dangerous. But he won’t stay healthy. I can’t even go into his historical analysis of the Third Reich other than to say it was ill-advised.

TY Hilton- WIll this be our last time seeing such a great player on the field? Only TY knows. With the age of 31 and a QB who could have fathered some of the rookies in the league are we about to witness the feel good movie of the year? You never know. One thing is for sure. If TY is healthy he works and works hard. I’ve always regretted not having this man rostered and when I’ve faced him it usually wasn’t pretty. I like a feel good movie, don’t you? He’s crushed me so many times that I may want him so he can’t crush me. Sit him on the Jenkins if I have to but that’s hard to believe.

Ben Roethlisberger- Man oh man how many times have people counted Big Ben out and he comes back tough as nails and says STFU with his gameplay. He’s no stranger to controversy and crashing motorcycles but he fits the bill as a STEELER. This may be his last stand along with Tomlin. He’s a brute that doesn’t seem to take crap from anyone….ANYONE! Even you Antonio! I took Diontae Johnson in the breakout category based on Ben’s performance and capabilities. Think about that! Anyway, it feels like its Pittsburgh’s turn except when they wear the yellow jackets throwbacks.

David Johnson- Raise your hand if you drafted David Johnson and even after he got hurt you held onto him for the next 15 weeks. My hands up, twice, you? This is a guy if you see him available at a certain point in the draft you just have to grab him. What’s his fault? Injuries, ok yes, but how can you just give up on someone who year after year grabs headlines as a must-have? I really like his role with the Texans. Think Linebacker U but for running backs. Johnson will get carries and get a lot of them. This team could be insane this year. But Watson’s health will be the storyline again. When he plays he is electric. Look at the receiving corp and think to yourself. If I have to cover all of these guys who is going to watch the RB? Big upside….PLEASE STAY HEALTHY DAVID...WE LOVE YOU UNTIL WE DESPISE YOU AND WISH THAT WE COULD TELL YOU THAT PERSONALLY.

AJ Green- Last but not least AJ. Another guy on this list I can say his name and you know who I’m talking ABOUT! Here’s the lowdown, he’s hurt already, rookie QB. That’s all I need to know. Great player, not this year. Prove me wrong.

Gosh when you look at this group if you’re like me you get a little sentimental. You know most of these guys are heading into the last year or few years of their NFL lives. They’ve all brought us joy, tears, pain and success. So what guy is going to make a statement. Who is going to be the Reggie Wayne who just couldn’t be stopped by anything other than age? For me it comes down to Ben and David. I’ve seen Ben do it all. I’ve been waiting for David to do the same. I like the odds, the set up and the overall talent that I know I’ll be targeting in my draft coming out of Houston. David, this is your chance. I believe in you!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am an idiot.