Jim Cramer Skips Visit to Dog's Veterinarian to Watch Players From his Fantasy Football Team

Jim Cramer's wife Lisa reveals her husband chose watching his fantasy football players in action rather than helping her take their dog to the vet.
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Jim Cramer's Top Priority On Sunday: Watch Football 

Every die-hard fantasy football player knows they'll be glued to the TV whenever one of their guys is on the field. Jim Cramer's wife Lisa thought he agreed to accompany her to the veterinarian when their dog needed to make a trip to the ER. Much to her dismay, Jim decided not to go with her and their pet because he had to stay home and watch Travis Kelce and Chris Godwin.

Luckily, Lisa knows Jim loves their dog but maybe loves fantasy football a bit more.

What's the craziest thing you've skipped or passed on just to watch players on your fantasy football team? Let us know in the comments.