Jim Cramer is in Bye Week Hell With his Week 12 Fantasy Football Lineup

Bill Enright

Dalvin Cook, Travis Kelce, and Christian Kirk are all on a bye in Week 12 which is a big problem for Jim Cramer's fantasy football team

Week 12 Bye Week Blues

Bye Weeks are great for NFL Players but they are frustrating for fantasy football players. In Week 12 there's four teams on a bye including the Vikings, Chiefs, Cardinals, and Chargers. Those four teams have produced some incredible players crucial to fantasy football success like quarterback Patrick Mahomes, running backs Dalvin Cook and Melvin Gordon, wide receivers Tyreek Hill, Keenan Allen, Christian Kirk, Stefon Diggs,  and tight ends Travis Kelce and Hunter Henry. That's a lot of NFL playmakers not in action!

Unfortunately for Jim Cramer's fantasy team, many of the above mentioned players on are his roster including Kelce, Cook, and Kirk.

What should fantasy players do when these bye week issues come into play? For starters it all comes down to depth and roster management. Luckily for Cramer, he has Ravens tight end Mark Andrews to fill in for Kelce. He also picked up James Washington off of the waiver wire this week to deal with Kirk being out of his lineup. Though no one from his bench can replace Dalvin Cook who is arguably one of the best players in all of fantasy in 2019. However Cramer does have some suitable replacements in David Montgomery and Jaylen Samuels who won't replicate Cook's production but should perform good enough to help Cramer outscore his opponent.

If you have a bye week problem and looking for help with your lineup, check out the Ask Cramer section of Bull Market Fantasy and send us your lineup question. We'll get back to you with some personalized fantasy advice.