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Jim Cramer has the Solution for NFL's Lack of Accountability and Discipline Over Player's Criminal Behavior

It was an ugly week for the NFL's reputation with Mark Walton getting arrested for his fourth time in a year and Myles Garrett swinging a helmet at Mason Rudolph's head.

NFL Authority Lacks...AUTHORITY 

Protecting the NFL Shield and those who represent the league has been a major problem for Commissioner Roget Goodell over the last several seasons. 

From the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson domestic violence issues in 2014 to Ezekiel Elliott in 2017 to Tyreek Hill and Kareem Hunt in 2018/2019 the NFL has yet to come up with a clear, defined punishment for players when hey break the law or rules put forth in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. 

While players may get suspended and fined, the punishment seems to be on a case-by-case basis and it all boils down to Roger Goodell's decision. 

In just the last ten days the NFL has another stain on the shield after Browns defensive end Myles Garrett swung a helmet at Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph causing a brawl on the field during a nationally televised game. A few days later, Dolphins running back Mark Walton was arrested for the fourth time this year with the most recent arrest involving the alleged domestic abuse of his pregnant girlfriend.  Goodell suspended Garrett indefinitely and the Dolphins cut Walton.

But fans and the media question if the NFL is doing enough to punish players and those that represent the league when they break the law or act in a manner with conduct detrimental to the league.

Jim Cramer points out the authoritative figures in the league office are not feared or respected by players. Former Eagles and Redskins wide receiver James Thrash is one of the figureheads the NFL employs to hear all appeal cases when players are suspended by Roger Goodell. 

Cramer says Thrash is a terrible choice for this position because players do not take him nor the league's punishment policy seriously. 

What do you make of the NFL's policy when it comes to suspending players? Let us know in the comments.