Jim Cramer Gets His Guy: Takes Carson Wentz In The 7th Round, But Was It Too Early?

"Wait On Your Quarterback" that's what we preach here at Bull Market Fantasy so we were a bit surprised to see Jim Cramer take Carson Wentz in the 7th Round.

Separate emotions.

 Don't draft with your heart. 

Wait on your Quarterback. 

Three simple rules I engrained in Jim Cramer's head before his draft. At least that's what I thought...

In the 7th round, Jim's patience buckled a bit. He lasted six whole rounds before taking a QB and six whole rounds before taking his first Eagles player. But in the 7th Round, he broke two rules with one pick. 

Jim was trying to round out his starting lineup and by going heavy on running back and wide receiver earlier in the draft, Quarterback was his missing link. So I can't give him too much flak. 

The problem I have with the pick is the fact Jim took Wentz as the 5th QB off the board. He could have easily waited another four rounds, loaded up even more on running back or wide receiver, or gotten another great tight end to go along with his man Travis Kelce. So again, it's not the player, because I do have Wentz ranked inside my Top 8, it's just where he grabbed him. 

Remember, there's plenty of QBs to draft in fantasy, it's by far the deepest position and unless you are in a 2 QB or Super Flex league, you only have to start one of them. 

Draft like a pro. WAIT ON YOUR QB!