Jim Cramer's 2020 Fantasy Football Manifesto

The Wall Street legend has dominated the world of finance for over 40 years and he's taking over the fantasy football industry in Season Two of Bull Market Fantasy.

Season 2 of Bull Market Fantasy is Back for 2020 Fantasy Football

My name’s Jim Cramer and I want to welcome you to the inaugural edition of Bull Market Fantasy for the 2020 NFL season. I and my colleague, Bill Enright, will be bringing you the most action-oriented, fan- centered football program ever.


Listen to me. You may know me as Jim Cramer, the stock guy, the host of Mad Money on CNBC who has spent 15 years educating you how to pick stocks the professional way.

But what you may not know about me is that I am a rabid football fan and a fantasy football player from the inception of the game. That’s right in 1981, a group of other writers of football from Inside Sports and I began this monster and it consumed me from the get-go.

It was inauspicious. In my first year, I lost $1200 that I didn’t have. I ended up having to pay back my fees over time, that’s how poor I was. But I managed to make good after some veiled threats, by taking my student loans to Harvard Law School and buying stocks with them. I crushed it and paid em all back and got rich. It was not easy, it’s never easy if you do it the right way. And I did it the right way. I am not known as Jimmy Chill for nothing. I got ice water in my veins when it comes to stocks!

But football? That’s another story.

I never quit loving football, I never quit playing fantasy, as soon as I got rich enough I bought season tickets to the Eagles—I said I was rabid. Emotional. Undisciplined. Cried in Minnesota when we, at last, won the Super Bowl. After that, I vowed to conquer fantasy after beating the reality, the stock market. It’s now that time.

Which brings me to this program. We got off to a fast start last year –got a good following, including my fellow teammates in my Mad Money league—that didn’t help me--but this year we are taking the program to new heights.

That’s because I am going to put everything I have learned about stocks, how to value them, how to spot winners, how to avoid losers, how to eke out gains, and how to go for the kill to fantasy into this program.

There’s a difference though. I have no illusions. I am an amateur football investor. I need to pair myself with the best, the man I call the Prophet, Bill Enright, a fantasy champ that I think is the best in the game. Oh, and make no mistake about it, I wanted to find the Jim Cramer of fantasy and reality football and I know I’ve got him.

Together, twice a week and, of course on Sunday morning, we will meld our talents, my clinical observations from a lifetime of stock picking with Bill’s expertise of both fantasy and reality. Oh, and be sure, we are going to do both, the game of fantasy, both weekly and traditional, and reality who’s going to win, who will lose and who will beat the spread.

The No-Nonsense, No BS Fantasy and Gambling Advisors

Let me say who we are not. 

We are not some site dedicated to ranking two hundred players. There are dozens of those. I like them, they remind me of the research I get from a dozen stock houses. They are interesting parlor games about players. They can even help you sometimes. But they are not about picking winners the way we pick winners in stocks.

Second, we are not entertainers trying to kill some time while we rant about who we like and who we don’t. I don’t have time for that. You don’t either.

Third, we care about you. About how to make you money in fantasy and gambling, just as I do in the reality of stocks.

The disciplines of stock picking and fantasy and gambling picking are incredibly similar but they are never discussed until we started this show. I have spent a lifetime trying to keep peoples’ emotions in check when it comes to stocks. Do you really want to own Tesla after this run? Are you being too emotional hanging on to Apple? Are you just rooting for Amazon?

I know if I can keep you from being a fan of stocks, I can make you the kind of money I made when I managed clients’ cash professionally. The cross-over is extraordinary. Each week we will exploit it for you.

But here, on Bull Market Fantasy, the tables are turned. I, Jim Cramer, am the one who is ruled by emotions. I play with my heart. I lack the discipline and the information in this racket that has colored my 42 years of stock picking. I am the guy who needs the help.

That’s where my friend, Bill Enright, comes in. He’s the “me” of the football world and he will guide me, and you, emotionless, with the best information, to try to win each week, whether it’s tonight, Sunday or Monday night. 

On Thursdays we will give you your gameplan for everything from the best players and match-ups to the best games themselves. On Tuesday, just like with the stock market, we will go over what we did right, what we did wrong, and how we can do better. It’s a stock course on football and there’s nothing like it anywhere.

Throughout this we will be interactive, just like on Mad Money. We will be informative and we will teach, teach teach, with Bill giving you the equivalent of inside information. Maybe that’s the difference between fields: in stocks inside information is illegal. In football? There is no SEC other than in the NCAA and we don’t play that game. Bill lives and dies on legal inside information.

And with that preamble let’s start making money!