Jim Cramer Drafts Ezekiel Elliott, DeAndre Hopkins and Zach Ertz for his Week 5 Fantasy Football Team

Bill Enright

Our debut of Challenge Cramer started off with a shocking pick when Jim's opponent went tight end and selected Travis Kelce.

Week 5 Challenge Cramer

Our debut of "Challenge Cramer" was fantastic. The Wall Street Legend and "Jeff From Jersey" drafted their three best players for their Week 5 teams.

Jeff had the first pick and selected Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce which was a bit of a shock but as Jeff explains in the above video, there was some strategy with his selection.

Jim's Week 5 team: Ezekiel Elliott, DeAndre Hopkins, Zach Ertz

Jeff From Jersey" Dalvin Cook, Cooper Kupp, Travis Kelce, 

Challenge Cramer Scoring System:

One running back
One wide recevier
One tight end
Full point PPR.
100 yards=10 points
10 yards=1 point
Fractional scoring. 11 yards=1.1 points
All touchdowns (including anything on special teams)=6 points
No yardage on special teams will earn points

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