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Jim Cramer Chooses Between Wendy's and Julian Edelman

It's time for another Stock vs. Stat.

Let's tackle yet another stock vs. stat. 

This week, we're putting the stock of Wendy's up against Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman's fantasy points in PPR.

Wendy's, which trades under the ticker WEN, trades at $21. 

The stock is up around 38% year-to-date. And it's down 3% in the past three months.

"We upgraded WEN to Buy from Hold with a $25 12-month target price. We recently hosted investor meetings for management and came away with greater confidence in the company's sales and EBITDA drivers over the next few years, especially the breakfast launch planned for 2020. We believe there are two key ingredients that will lead to a successful breakfast launch: 1) national advertising to quickly build awareness and 2) franchisee support gained by including them in the two-year planning process," wrote Stifel analysts on Nov. 25. 

"Yeah, Wendy's breakfast can be very good. I tried to get Chipotle guys to do breakfast. They're not going to do that. Edelman wrecked me last week because he got that garbage touchdown. And that's not the reason, though, that I'm going to say Wendy's wins. I think Edelman's 14 to 17. I still love him, but he's 14 to 17," said Jim Cramer. 

"But if he doesn't get into the end zone, which he did last week for the first time since week eight, his ceiling is capped by his lack of touchdowns and he does get into the end zone every three or four weeks. You just happened to catch him when you were going against him on a bad week. So I'll go with Wendy's," added Bill Enright, co-host of Bull Market Fantasy.

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