Jim Cramer Challenges Former NFL Quarterback Mark Malone to a one Week Fantasy Football Match-Up

Bill Enright

In the fourth week of our Cramer Challenge fantasy football tournament, Jim Cramer takes on former NFL QB Mark Malone in a head-to-head showdown.

Week 8 Cramer Challenge

With a loss to Jeff from Jersey and 5x MLB All-Star Adrian Gonzalez, Wall Street legend Jim Cramer's one win came against Pro Football Hall of Fame running Back Eric Dickerson. Can Jime take down another former NFL player in Week 8? Nine-year NFL quarterback Mark Malone joined Bull Market Fantasy in our latest edition of Cramer Challenge. 

Malone had the first pick and for the second week in a row (Gonzalez grabbed Cooper Kupp in Week 7) Jim's top pick got sniped right out of the gate. Malone selected Steelers running back James Conner.

Jim fought back with two great picks in Steelers wide receiver Tyler Lockett and Vikings running back Dalvin Cook. 

Malone was then up for two selections and needed to grab a wide receiver and tight end. The former Steelers passer took 49ers tight end George Kittle and Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans. When I asked Malone why he didn't take Chris Godwin, he noted that often times Defenses take notice of who is doing the most damage on the field and teams may start shifting their attention to defending Godwin instead of Evans. Malone also noted Evans' significant height advantage over the Titans defensive backs.

Despite burning Jim's team in Week 7, Jim went back to the well for his tight end spot and once again selected Evan Engram.

Cramer Challenge Scoring System:

One running back
One wide receiver
One tight end
Full point PPR.
100 yards=10 points
10 yards=1 point
Fractional scoring. 11 yards=1.1 points
All touchdowns (including anything on special teams)=6 points
No yardage on special teams will earn points

Who do you think will win in this head-to-head battle?