Jim Cramer's Fantasy Football Sleeper: Draft This Broncos Rookie

Jim Cramer

Find out which Broncos rookie Jim Cramer is drafting in his fantasy league.

Jim Cramer's 2020 Fantasy Football Sleepers

Jalen Reagor - First-year man from TCU. Has speed and has shown he is capable of big numbers. Huge step forward in 2018, huge step back in 2019. With his numbers taking a dramatic step back. Many blame that on the QB but QB’s don’t drop balls, WR’s do. Wentz talks highly of forming him into a somebody. With Alshon sidelined you could have a dual speedster set. HOWEVER, you also have two tight ends that could grab a lot of attention and targets in Zach and Dallas. I see Jalen as a real hit or miss week to week. DeSean is also going to be chirping for targets and a rookie is going to have to earn his keep. Could he be as bad as JJaw? No. But that’s a low bar.

Cam Akers - On the depth chart Akers is listed as the number 1 stunna! He’s also in mixed company but hey, its a start! In a set where the team typically has picked one guy to carry the load along with the fact that the #2 Henderson seems to have been given his shot, Akers will likely see a lot of carries. Unless Goff can find his passing game again, Akers will benefit from the spread outlook. But his dropoff from getting bottled up will be dramatic.

Boston Scott- It’s difficult to judge many of the Eagles that had any sort of impact last season. It was a year when they had to hold an open call to fill positions on the field. SOOOOO many injuries that you couldn’t gauge who was really who. This includes Scott who filled a void. His upside was no one knew him. His downside, Miles Sanders is now looking like a clear cut starter. Everything below Sanders will be boom but more likely bust. If Sanders goes down it's the RBBC that we’ve come to know in Philly and that is not a recipe for solid numbers. Keep sleeping!

Jerry Jeudy- Earlier I wrote about Drew Lock. Is he a breakout? I wasn’t convinced then and when you are asking me if a WR can be a sleeper on a team where we don’t know if the QB is real or just filling time I can’t be convinced to vote for Jeudy. But where is this guy from? Bama. Do you know who I also put down on my “I’m not convinced list”? Julio Jones. It’s a thing with JJs. Jeudy depends on a QB who must look beyond the TE check down and Sutton. If he can get the looks this could be our guy.

Hayden Hurst- In a normal set Hurst presents himself as a middle of the road TE. In a Falcons set, he could be huge. Matt Ryan has been the passer to one of the greatest TE’s of all time. In an offense that has a first-round draft pick in the starting slot 10 of 11 positions he could get lost in the fray. But with that much talent, you have to decide who you are going to cover. If Matty Ice can learn to depend on Hurst inside the 10 going in, this could be a monster season. But if they go with Gurley he’s likely to see that upside be lost. Was on the Skidaddies last year. Asterisk/

This is a flip of the coin. I don’t see one guy here that makes me shout! However, I’m a man that can learn from my mistakes. Take Jeudy and learn your LESSON!.

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Bill Enright
Bill Enright


All GREAT late-round values. LOVE the Jeudy pick!