Good Garbage Time vs. Bad Garbage Time and why it Matters in Fantasy Football

Fantasy football players love when their players score touchdowns and get a lot of yards, even if those points come at the end of a game when the players' actual NFL team is being blown out by their opponent.
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Garbage Time Counts In Fantasy Football

It doesn't matter when the stats come, as long as they come. That's the philosophy for anyone serious about winning in fantasy football.

Garbage time, as defined by the wildly reputable Urban Dictionary occurs "anytime in a game when points don't really make a difference in the outcome of a game."

In fantasy football, those points ALWAYS make a difference. 

But there's a difference between good garbage time and bad garbage time. When does a team or player have a chance for good garbage time? As I tell Jim Cramer in the above video, the difference could be as simple as a player being on a team with a good offense but bad defense.