The Injury-Plagued San Francisco 49ers Face-Off Against the Healthy Green Bay Packers

Katherine Ross

It's time for Game of the Week.

Are you ready for this week's Game of the Week?

We're giving the San Francisco 49ers and the Green Bay Packers a special eye. 

Bill Enright, co-host of Jim Cramer's Bull Market Fantasy live show, and Bill Huber, Packers Maven, weighed in on what they're paying attention to when both teams are on the field Sunday.

So far this season, the 49ers have been plagued by injuries. 

In fact, Huber, who covers the Packers in Green Bay, WI, noted that the 49ers coach, Kyle Shanahan, held six starters out of practice on Wednesday.

When asked what he's watching when the Packers take on the 49ers, Huber responded, "I think the key to this game is whether the Packers can throw the football. The 49ers have a great pass rush, they can get up to the quarterback with just four guys...and they have taken out the opponent's number one receiver most weeks. That means can the Packers find anybody besides Davante Adam's to move the ball. That to me is the question. Maybe their best bet is Allen Lazard, who started the year on the practice squad.:

And what about Fantasy owners who have George Kittle on their roster, how should they approach the injured Kittle who plans on making a game-time decision on whether or not he's on the field come game time?

 "It's going to be a tough spot for them because not only is George Kittle one of the best tight ends and if he's active, you want to get him in your lineup for obvious reasons, but the factor is that the 49ers are playing in Sunday night football. Lineups have to be set by one o'clock Eastern time," said Enright.

Watch the rest of the video for Enright's full answer.