Five Tips for Talking Trash in the Fantasy Football Playoffs

Talking trash to your opponent can give you an extra edge during the fantasy football playoffs.

Most Effective Techniques for Talking Trash 

When it comes to the fantasy football post-season, fantasy players need every ounce of an advantage. One of those key advantages is the ability to talk trash. I consider trash talk an art form. When done properly you can get inside your opponent's head, play mind games, and win the battle before the war even begins. When done wrong, you could end up being the one coming out with a loss.

Jim Cramer and I sat down for a few minutes and discussed the five tips for talking trash during the fantasy football playoffs.

1. There are NO friends during the fantasy football playoffs: Be ruthless and take no prisoners or as Jim once famously told the Philadelphia Eagles T.N.P. Now is not the time to get together for a beer or fraternize with your opponent. Save that for after you send their team packing. Instead ignore their txt, avoid friendly conversation. Make sure they know you mean business and are ready to take them down at all costs!

2. Use your opponent's weakness to your advantage: Find out what is bothering them or what they are stressed about. Use whatever is going on in their life as a distraction to keep their mind off their fantasy football team. 

3. Use Social Media: Start posting gifs, photos, or famous war or football quotes on their facebook page. Tag them in an update about and injured player on twitter. Send them absurd DMs on Instagram. Anything you can do both privately or publicly on social media to annoy and frustrate the heck out of your opponent will help give you an advantage.

4. Get Creative:  This is a mental game and in order to get in your opponent's head, you have to get creative. In the video above this article I told Jim a quick story about my best friend/fantasy football arch nemesis and his team name of King Kong. For year's I've been sending him the famous scene from Training Day when Denzel Washington screams "King Kong Aint Got $h&T on me." I also bought a stuffed animal gorilla, ripped it apart and put a pencil through it's eye-ball and put it on his car back in High School (as scene in the photo below).

IMG_0074 (1)

5. Be Smart: Be careful not to get so caught up in trash talking you forget to take care of your own lineup or get wrapped up in talking trash that you lose your edge. There's nothing worse than someone that talks trash only to not deliver on gameday. Make sure you can backup what you are saying you can deliver. 

Do you consider yourself a good trash talker? Let us know in the comments below.