Five Time MLB All-Star Adrian Gonzalez Started Charity To Help Underprivileged Kids

Adrian Gonzalez discusses his charity with Jim Cramer,  a vision Gonzalez and his wife Betsy always shared even before they got married.
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Adrian and Betsey Gonzalez Foundation

Five time Major League Baseball all-star Adrian Gonzalez joined Bull Market Fantasy with Jim Cramer to talk about playing fantasy football with other major leaguers and being a huge fan of the Chargers. He also discussed his charity organization which helps empower underprivileged kids through athletics, education and health.

Gonazlez and his wife Betsy started the foundation in 2008 while he played for his hometown team, the Padres. Gonzalez and his teammates held a series of events including "cook, serve, and bartend" celebrity dinner where his fellow Padres teammates took on jobs as waiters and chefs for a fun filled dining experience, all proceeds went to Gonzalez's foundation.

The organization focuses on helping kids in three specific areas:


We want to contribute to athletics because it helps kids learn the challenges, work ethic and teamwork that will make them winners on and off the field, for the rest of their lives.


We want to ensure a good, solid education for youth, because we feel that education is the cornerstone for future success in any pursuit


The overall health and wellness of youth is vital in providing kids with a happy and more productive life, both now and in the future.

You can help support this great cause, as Jim Cramer did, by visiting the foundation's website. 

Bull Market Fantasy and Jim Cramer love talking to athletes about their accomplishments on the field but we feel it is important to showcase all the great work they do off of it as well. Previous guests with great charitable causes include Eric Dickerson and Chris Long