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Week 12 Lightning Round: Bench Amari Cooper, Plus 15 Other Start/Sit Decisions

Jim Cramer and Bill Enright highlight players fantasy football managers should get in their lineups or leave on the bench in Week 12

Start Em, Sit Em for Week 12

Getting the right players in your fantasy football lineup is the most important factor on game-day. One wrong decision can be the deciding factor of a win or a loss for the week and considering we are in Week 12 with just two more games until the fantasy playoffs, every single decision is now do-or-die.

That's why Jim Cramer and I go through a list of more than a dozen players some fantasy managers are on the fence about when it comes to getting them in their lineups. 

We keep it simple and straightforward with our analysis in the lightning round in order to deliver clear and concise information to help make these decisions easier for fantasy football players.

Some of the players we discuss in the above video include:

Quarterbacks: Josh Allen-Buffalo Bills, Baker Mayfield-Cleveland Browns, Carson Wentz-Philadelphia Eagles, Jared Goff-Los Angeles Rams

Running backs: Joe Mixon- Cincinnati Bengals, David Montgomery-Chicago Bearsm Derrius Guice- Washington Redskins, Kareem Hunt-Cleveland Browns, Royce Freeman-Denver Broncos

Wide receivers: Amari Cooper-Dallas Cowboys, Jarvis Landry-Cleveland Browns, Jamison Crowder-New York Jets, James Washington-Pittsburgh Steelers

Tight ends: Ryan Griffin-New York Jets, Cameron Brate-Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Noah Fant-Denver Broncos

If you have a Start/Sit decision and we didn't cover any of the players you have a question about, check out the rankings from our partners on Sports Illustrated. 

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