Fantasy Football Playoffs Are Here, Jim Cramer and Co. Help You Advance To The Finals

Week 14 marks the start of the fantasy football playoffs. Jim Cramer and his team of fantasy analysts are ready to help you dominate your opponents.

Bull Market Fantasy Week !4

The fantasy football regular season is over and now the playoffs are here. It's do or die time. Win or go home. Jim Cramer and our great team at Bull Market Fantasy will make sure you won't go home until there's a fantasy football trophy in your hands. 

On today's show:

  • Former Eagles running back Brian Westbrook joins the show to discuss the Eagles and his infamous kneel down play. Plus he gives us a look into what it's like during the week when a player is injured and trying to get healthy for the next upcoming game. 
  • Madelyn Burke from the New York Giants and Reward The Fan discussed how much information sideline reporters actually get during the game and how much they are allowed to report when it comes to injuries.
  • Week 14 Waiver Wire Lightning Round:  Jim and Bill run through more than a dozen players that can help your fantasy team for Week 14 and beyond including running backs Darwin Thompson and Benny Snell, wide receiver A.J. Brown., and tight end Ian Thomas.

If you have a specific question about your fantasy team. Drop us a line in the Ask Cramer section and we'll get back to you with great advice. 

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