Fantasy Football Playoff System is Broken, Here's how to make it Great Again

Fantasy Football can be frustrating especially when you have the second most points in your league but somehow still miss the playoffs.

Make Fantasy Football Great Again

We all know fantasy football is fun. Can be fun. Should be fun. We do this to have fun. 

But Fantasy football can also be frustrating, depressing, and annoying. Especially when you continuously score the second or third highest points of the week, only to face a team that went off and score the most points. Your team would have beaten any other team that week, except the one team you played, and thus you get a loss.

That was the case over and over for Sports Illustrated's Robin Lundberg during his 2019 fantasy football season. Lundberg explained to Jim Cramer and me that he was constantly the victim of some very bad luck. But instead of crying about his season, he decided to come up with some solutions on how to take the luck factor out of fantasy football, thus giving the actual teams that deserve to make the post-season a much better chance to punch their playoff ticket. 

Instead of solely using a head-to-head record, Lundberg says a two-tier scoring system is the perfect answer to removing the "luck factor" from fantasy. For example, fantasy teams would get a win for beating their opponent on a given week and then another win if their points finish in the top half of their league for that particular week. 

Everyone that has ever played fantasy football has had one of these type of seasons that Lundberg went through in 2019. A constant, weekly stream of just bad luck based on a totally random schedule making process. The head-to-head format has some glaring faults but the SI Now host's solutions would fix the widely popular fantasy format. 

What do you think of Lundberg's idea to change the way we calculate the standings in leagues? Let us know in the comments below.